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Colors of Gloves

Black clothing is preferred by automotive technicians because it conceals dirt, grease, and grime and presents a professional image. In addition, tattoo artists, police officers, and security personnel, as well as staff members at high-end restaurants prefer it.

Nitrile gloves with raised diamond textures are available in orange, green, and royal blue from Apple Trading Co. Additionally, these colors allow managers to verify that workers are wearing gloves in dark work environments.  

Workers may be required to comply with additional regulations if their preferences differ from those of the facility. Food safety is ensured by the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system at facilities that handle raw materials, procedures, and handling along with manufacturing and distributing finished products. 

Food production stages are controlled by HACCP to prevent cross-contamination. It is first necessary to clean and prepare raw foods, then handle and prepare cooked raw foods for packaging, then package and ship them. It is usual for disposable gloves and personal protective equipment to be color-coded based on the stage. It is forbidden for employees wearing the wrong color to enter another production area without washing and changing their clothing. 

In factories, restaurants, and kitchens, color coding can also reduce cross-contamination. The disposable gloves used to handle vegetables would be green, the disposable gloves used to handle seafood would be blue, the disposable gloves used to handle dairy would be indigo, and the disposable gloves used to handle meat would be black. Kitchen equipment, such as knives, cutting boards, and cutting boards, is often color-coded in such facilities. 

Additionally to food processing facilities, color coding is also common in manufacturing facilities, where shifts are rotated throughout the week and day. Morning, afternoon, and night shift workers would wear different colors. 

Manufacturing and processing facilities offer security gloves in a variety of colors that are sometimes associated with specific applications. There are high standards for products and processes. It ensures that no employee will know the entire process from beginning to end by color-coding workers by processes. Gloves are typically color-coded by size at workplaces where basic color coding is common. 

Nitrile gloves are available at Apple Trading Co. in green, orange, blue, black, royal blue, and indigo. Vinyl gloves come in ivory, clear, and blue, while leather gloves are ivory and blue. 

When it comes to medical gloves, color-coding can help health care workers distinguish between latex and Nitrile. In this way, hospitals can educate their healthcare workers about what exam gloves to use based on the situation. Exam gloves made from latex are usually ivory, while those made from Nitrile are usually blue, indigo, or black.


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